“I feel happy, so happy and gay!” My contribution to the homosexual debate.

What a difference 30 years can make to meaning. When the song came out, everyone would have known what was meant by “feeling gay”. Today, those who do not know the song would attach quite a different connotation to “feeling gay” and this is the problem we as people have whenever we base our lives on content. Just when we start to get a handle on it some clever bastard goes and changes the meaning on us.

Another example: Living on the coast in what is called the “Windy City” I have been told that the many small sailing vessels found on our shores would be incapable of sailing were it not for the ballast and keel below the surface that keeps the boat upright. This is a good representation of the difference between a life based on content and one based on being.

If I, as a Christian, try to find my identity in the content of the bible then I would be in turmoil every time anyone questions the truth of the bible or gives an alternative interpretation of it. The result is that we either build “truths”/mental constructs so hard and impregnable that we become completely irrational whenever those “truths” are questioned (I am unfortunately speaking from experience here) or, we do not hold on to anything and drift aimlessly with no hope or purpose (speaking from experience again).

If, however, I embrace scripture not as a self- help/how to book but rather a witness to the effect of having our identity based in “being” and “being in the divine” then it becomes a source that helps me find my own ballast and keel. Once I am centred on the divine self, information/“truth” can no longer threaten me. Instead, information becomes a source that gives direction to the flow of the spiritual through me to the world. The wind becomes useful and gives temporary direction without capsizing my life because I Am rooted in something much deeper and eternal.

As a bonus other belief systems/religions no longer threaten me as my belief system is not my source, merely a pointer to it. This empowers me to see past the differences, Christian/Hindu, gay/straight to the divine centre that unites us all without having to sacrifice my “truths”/religion. It allows mental constructs firm enough to give direction in the world but flexible enough to embrace that which is different.


About hando2012

I am a happily married father of two beautiful children. I have studied Theology and Psychology and I am passionate about the eternal truths revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my doorway to salvation/consciousness.
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