Why can’t God do 70×7?

I have not blogged for quite a while and the reason is simply that I have had to embrace a radical departure from reformed evangelical dogma that has been brewing in me for some time now.

The problem is centered around the core of reformed evangelical teaching that Jesus came to die on the cross so that we may be forgiven by God.

If Jesus required of his disciples to forgive their fellow human beings seventy times seven for the same offence (Matthew 18:22), why then does God need to slaughter his own son in order to forgive me? 

Simply put, God does not and did not. Especially in light of the fact that God made it quite clear that He despises human sacrifice and clearly forbade the practice of it (Leviticus 18:21). God does not take offense, an egoic human trait, and does not harbor resentment and unforgiveness as we do. God does indeed do 70×7.



About hando2012

I am a happily married father of two beautiful children. I have studied Theology and Psychology and I am passionate about the eternal truths revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my doorway to salvation/consciousness.
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